Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day Six - Workout done and weekend challenges

Well, my workout is done. My kids like to workout with me. On and off I had Cameron (doing crunches and push ups with me.) Catie and Caroline did a bit of the cardio. I just smile when they do this! They get so excited to do it with me. LOVE it. Today, I was actually able to do the whole DVD which felt great, because on Tuesday, not so good. I am feeling way stronger, and I think I am starting to feel my abs underneath all of this blubber.

Today is day six of my plan. I of course started on Monday. I have always had success starting at the beginning of the year, because it is a fresh new year. I love having a clean slate.

Whenever the food calls my name, I just say to it. You are just *blank* you don't control me. So far it just works!

I have stayed at my calorie level of around 1300-1500 per day. It is working! I record EVERTHING I eat at and it allows me to chart my water with a click of a button. And, also add in my exercise (which allows me to eat more if I wish!--LOVE that) I totally think this helps!

For weekend challenges, it is that going over to a friends house to eat, and tomorrow a baptism. So, food of course maybe not the best choices. I will give myself a bit, but realizing I am weighing in on Monday morning. That should keep me from cheating. I don't really cheat. I like being on this plan.

Last night I had Subway (a six inch, with a bag of baked lays and 1 square of dark chocolate) and it felt like a cheat. And, I was actually going to have a few cookies but I was too FULL! Crazy how the stomach shrinks down so quickly!

I was watching Dr. Oz last night on TV. Talking about waist management. Not weight management. He just makes so much sense, and light bulbs just click when I read his book, or watch him on TV. His program, that Cliff and I used two years back when I lost the weight, well I still use ideas from then. And they work! They really do. I still eat a small turkey roll up with fresh salsa for lunch. Or, a handful of nuts before a meal. And, I eat the same breakfast everyday. This time, 1/3 cup of oatmeal and half a cup of frozen blueberries. SOOO satisfying, and filling. AND healthy. And then food is just for eating. No fuss, no obsessing.

I realize this has to be for life, and not just a fad. So just like Dr. Oz said last have to wake up EXCITED about your eating/your plan. If not, you are bound to fail. I couldn't agree more.

The eating is a no brainer, leaving time to do the things you REALLY need to do. Like exercise daily. Did I tell you how much I love to exercise?

And, when eating well, EVERYTHING tastes so much better. Life just feels better!

Happy Weekend!

Tomorrow, I submit my #500in2010. Tomorrow, we do about a 6k run...I am so excited to run with my half group. I LOVE them.

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