Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday Update

Whoa, all of this Christmas stuff has left me neglecting my personal blogs. All worth it!

We are up to 5 minute run, one minute walk. Last night we did 6 ish sets. My 205 Garmin died last Sunday. Thankfully I didn't lose a lot of data. I must say it is weird to run without time/distance/calories burned etc. How quickly a girl can get used to a Garmin. When it broke it was awful :D

So, Santa aka Cliff picked up a Garmin 305 at our local Costco. Really good deal.

IF you need one, go there!! NOW.

I also went in to see Dr. Leif. I have the 'all clear' to try for a half marathon. I am so excited to begin that training in January. The LTR clinic, although fun is not challenging enough for me. I like a challenge, and a good goal.

Dr. Leif said my hips are firmly in place, I am OK! Those words mean EVERYTHING to me. Running just makes me feel good from the inside out.

Running, oh how I love you. Looking forward to running with my friend L tomorrow!