Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well, today was a hard day to motivate myself to get out there to run. I missed last night, and of course when it was time to get ready I didn't want to. I procrastinated. My husband put on my socks as I layed there on the ground. Just laying there. I didn't want to go run. However I FORCED myself to get up and get going. I am glad I did. The run wasn't that great. However, good enough.

6.25 km
468 calories
6:49 avg
4:49 max
42 minutes of running

1 tall decaf non fat latte at Starbucks afterwards. Talking with friends. Love that!

I also walked back and forth to school 2x's. So 2 km.

8.25 km total today (see it adds up right!!)

#500in2010 = 5.12 miles

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

Monday, nothing. Recovery from my huge busy run and walk the day before.

Tuesday. 2 walks to school and back. 2 km.

Wednesday 2 walks to school and back. 2 km.

I didn't run last night. I was mentally and physically exhausted. So, I went out for a burger and onion rings with my hubby. Then I had tea and cookies at my parents house. It was the right way to do the evening. I hardly ever take a break. However, yesterday I just felt plain worn out. So, I stayed home, cuddled with my littlest babe. And painted 50 toenails in a bright pink. Perfect. Just what I needed, and so did my girls. I also took my son to the ortho yesterday (and his friend Jen) and then I took him for a haircut, and for new socks. Whew.

Today, I feel much stronger. I cannot wait to get out there and run! Sunday, I have a 20k coming up!


#500in2010 = 2.48 miles (4 km)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday! Playing catch up!

Wow. I haven't been a very good blogger this week! I have been a busy bee thus no time to blog!

Friday, two days ago. Walked two and from school 2x's = 2 km

Saturday an adventure out with the family, and a walk around a lagoon. And then some = 1.5 km

Friday and Saturday km = 3.5 km

Sunday, today. I have been very active.

19.16 km run this morning, and I was out shooting an engagement session and we walked round for 2 hours. On the beach, on the sand. Up some stairs, along train tracks. 5 km of walking, so my total k's for Sunday is 24.16 km (19.6 + 5 km)

19.16 km run this morning
avg 6.19 km
max 4:56 km
calories 1464

Km total for Friday, Sat and Sunday = 27.66 km

#500in2010 Friday, Sat and Sunday converted to miles = 17.18 miles

Weekly total in mil
es this week #500in2010 = 27.38 miles total