Monday, May 3, 2010

Wed thru Sunday.

I didn't run at all. I think my knee is feeling pretty good. Last Tuesday I tried out Zumba. It was a great class. I hope to try it again this week. And maybe a run to see how the knee is doing.

I only did my walks back and forth to school for the balance of the week.

2 walks back and forth to school x 3 = 6 km

Plus the walking we did at the wedding I shot on Saturday. I figure I walked a couple of km's. = 2 km

Didn't run on Sunday either. I also worked on Sunday! Crazy work weekend! All worth it however!!

8 km = 5 miles. I guess the little walks count. Not exactly what I pictured for this week. Pants are getting tighter. Pants are getting tighter. Face is getting rounder.

#500 in 2010 = 5 miles (Tues - Sunday)

Here is to a better week with way more miles. I feel rather bummed about this total!!

Weekly total = 6.86 miles