Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday - Another run in the rain

Well! The Olympic Opening Ceremony is on right now, I was really enjoying it, however got my run gear on and met a favourite group and went for a 5k run in the rain and the wind!

I am glad I went! Tomorrow, no running. I have an important shoot tomorrow, and a lot of other errands to do tomorrow.

So, the details of tonights run:

435 cals
avg 6:30
max 5:08

+ 1k walk today to school and back.

#500in2010 - 6k = 4 miles

I am bloated and I am getting some spotting so my cycle is gearing up. I will probably not lose a pound this week, but that is OK. It will come down after the bloat goes away like last time.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well, I got out for a 6k ish run tonight in the rain. By myself. Needed the stress relief today. Was ready to port the kids away to another land. LOL.

A run always helps with that! So, I am back, and I am feeling relaxed and ready for the evening! Survivor starts tonight! Woo!

I wouldn't have gone for a run tonight in the pouring rain and cold evening. However, this challenge *500 in 2010* is making me kick it into overdrive! Tomorrow I will run with my old group! I always like running with my old buds!

6.14k run
43:49 (time)
554 calories
7:09k avg
5:21 max
(Obviously I run slower without anybody to push me LOL)

Well, that is good!

#500in2010 - 6:4k = 4 miles

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday - 4 hills

Tonight we did four hills in the rain.

We run there, run our four hills, and then run back. I was tired on my fourth hill. Just like last week, I was tired on my third hill. Two more weeks of hill training! We go up to six hills for the 10K clinic.

I am feeling bloated, I guess my cycle is trying to make its way again. Yuck.

Oh well! I am just glad I can run again!

Tonights Run/Hill training:

6.82k (and actually may have been more, I think I may have not recorded a hill or two)
601 calories
avg 7 km (some walking in there, so a bit slower which is good for hill night)
max was 3:24 km

All good!

1k walk today to school and back + 6.82k + 7.82k = 5 miles #500in2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday - Run Night x 2

Hello Tuesday!

This #500in2010 is making me work a lot harder. I am motivated to move into the top ten again. I was there once I think, maybe 2 x's until I fell, and then fell again. And of course had that puke bug. So, I have had some obstacles to move around, and of course didn't get the k's/miles that I wanted. And, of course to see my parent units way up there in second place, makes the competitor in me come out. Yes, I like to compete. Mostly against myself. So, today I decide to RAMP up my GAME. I am not going to put my whole plan on here (because of spying eyes i.e. my parents LOL) so I actually sat down and devised a plan.

That is all I am going to say tonight. Physically I am feeling very strong. I am losing that dreaded extra weight and my runs have been going great. And, I am walking back and forth to school quite often. It all adds up. This I know.

So, there I go. A plan.

*fingers crossed*

So, my exercise for today:

2 km walk back and forth to school

Run Club:
6.25 km
543 calories
avg 6:46
max 5:07

Extra run with husband chasing me on his bike (after I got home from run club) LOL
5.35 km
480 calories
avg 6:50
max 5:08

(and a good calorie burn today of over 1000! Woot. That helps offset the big old portion of splurge nachos yesterday!)

SO, my KM total for today is: 13.6 km or converted to miles: 8.5 miles #500in2010

Tomorrow we do our hill training, 4 hills and there are four weeks left until our goal race.

A few weeks to my boudoir session.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 5 - Monday Weigh In

OK, remember I didn't weigh in last week, as I injured my foot and didn't get much accomplished.

So, I thought get on that darn scale. I had a good week last week. I got out running 4x's.

So, weigh in today was 178.6

Down 2.2 from two weeks ago. That makes me happy, the scale is moving down.

Onto another week!

33.6 pounds to go until goal!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

10k Sunday!

So, I managed to run for 10K pain free. That my friend, is progress. I couldn't be any happier. And to run with two amazing women, extra bonus! Thank you Louise and Kristina! It was great to run into the double digit kms today! I fee great! Thank goodness.

I feel I am getting back into shape (muscle memory!) and my body is changing again. I couldn't be happier. My size 12's are getting baggy. I am having my own boudoir session shot at the end of February, so good timing :D

So, for todays 10k. I LOVED the particular route! I haven't done it for quite some time! Nice.

893 calories burned (added some back with a Starbucks Vivanno mmmm)
avg 6:26
max 5:14
Ran nice and steady, and slower of course for LSD. Awesome

For #500in2010 - Sunday Run: 6.25 miles

And for for #500in2010 this weeks total in miles is: 20.75 miles

This was a great week for me finally! Yay! Tomorrow I am back for a weigh in!