Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Night Run

Well, that run wasn't that great. The last couple have runs have been a bit of a struggle. I think it is lack of sleep, the busy pace of my life and eating a bit different, and probably not enough of the good stuff.

Anyways, I did it. I do feel more energetic, and happier right now. Lots to accomplish this weekend!

5.65 km
407 calories burned
Avg 6:46
Max 5:12

+ 1 km of walking today to school = 6.35 km

#500in2010 = 4 miles


I posted to my murrayvillemom blog a bit about who inspired me, and her name is Sylvie Ruegger. I am totally amazed by her strength of spirit and her commitment to her sport. She was amazing to listen to!

I am going to head out on a run sometime today, to keep my km's up. I am happy it is Friday!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Run Thursday

Got out for my clinic night, had an awesome yoga instructor come in and give us some wonderful poses/stretches for runners. NICE!

We ran tonight, 6.20 km in 40:09

474 calories
avg pace 6:29
best 5:27

#500in2010 = 3.85 miles

Going to try to run tomorrow night, and of course on Sunday. Nice long run!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Run

OK, I got out for a run today. I am tired today, as I haven't slept a whole lot in the last few nights. Last night I slept about 3 hours I think.

I had to push myself out the door. I had to make the decision to put on my run gear and go. I could have easily stayed home and worked. However, I didn't. I don't want to do that to myself. I deserve the time to run! I deserve a bit of time to work on myself. So, I did it, and after I was done I was happy about it!

I was at a photography conference for three days and I did a lot of walking. No running. So, I will count the trips I made from the parkade, into the hotel, and back out.

I also haven't been on the scale for a long time as my period came and went and I seem to bloat up quite a bit, so I get discouraged. So, tonight I decided to face my truth. And the truth was 173.0 on the nose. So, I guess I am SLOWLY making progress.

Walks from Sunday evening, Monday and Tuesday = 3 km

My walks to and from school today = 2 km

Run tonight on Wednesday evening = 5.48 km

So total km's from Sunday evening until tonight, Wednesday = 10.48 km

#500in2010 = 6.51 miles

I will be running tomorrow night as well. I am excited about tomorrow because I ran today, I want to run tomorrow. I am looking forward to watching the scale dip from the 170's into the 160's again. That will feel amazing! It has been awhile that is for sure!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday - Wet run oh my!

I had a super wet run this morning! Soaked right down to the skin, and my toes look like little prunes!

6.40 km
41:40 time
avg 6:31 km
max 5:12 km
calories burned 492

#500in2010 = 4 miles Sunday

#500in2010 total for the week = 20.24 miles