Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Run

OK, I got out for a run today. I am tired today, as I haven't slept a whole lot in the last few nights. Last night I slept about 3 hours I think.

I had to push myself out the door. I had to make the decision to put on my run gear and go. I could have easily stayed home and worked. However, I didn't. I don't want to do that to myself. I deserve the time to run! I deserve a bit of time to work on myself. So, I did it, and after I was done I was happy about it!

I was at a photography conference for three days and I did a lot of walking. No running. So, I will count the trips I made from the parkade, into the hotel, and back out.

I also haven't been on the scale for a long time as my period came and went and I seem to bloat up quite a bit, so I get discouraged. So, tonight I decided to face my truth. And the truth was 173.0 on the nose. So, I guess I am SLOWLY making progress.

Walks from Sunday evening, Monday and Tuesday = 3 km

My walks to and from school today = 2 km

Run tonight on Wednesday evening = 5.48 km

So total km's from Sunday evening until tonight, Wednesday = 10.48 km

#500in2010 = 6.51 miles

I will be running tomorrow night as well. I am excited about tomorrow because I ran today, I want to run tomorrow. I am looking forward to watching the scale dip from the 170's into the 160's again. That will feel amazing! It has been awhile that is for sure!


  1. I wondered where you had gone. I think what you have done so far is pretty fantastic.

  2. I love the momentum in your voice! Doing pretty dang good!