Saturday, April 24, 2010


I miss her. Yes, that is me. August 2008. Size six pants, extra small top.

So, I didn't run on Wednesday. Sore knee.

I haven't done much. Just my walks, and I can feel my jeans getting tighter by the second. Ugggh.

Friday - #500in2010 = 1.25 miles

Saturday - #500in2010 = 1 miles (walked to and from an appointment)

#500in2010 = 2.25 miles

I will most likely not be running tomorrow as I have some wedding scouting to do! I hope to run on Wednesday, try the 4 hills and hope for the best. Not the kind of week I was hoping for at all. I am really disappointed.

I will not give up. Even if I cannot run, I have a plan B. But it will not add up the miles. However, it could be a lot of fun. Pole Dancing for fitness, and Zumba classes are on the horizon!

I am also seeking out a life coach. I think it is time to break through the barriers!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I walked to and from school 2x's and took the long way. Last night, I discovered that my right knee was hurting after the hills I guess.

I didn't run tonight. Will see how I feel and hopefully run on Sunday. *fingers crossed*

3 km = 1.86 miles

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday - 3 Hills

Tonight, was a hill night. I forgot about the hills. I knew they were coming up, however when I got the RR I remembered. Ooops.

I survived them!

7.44 km run including the 3 hills
50:15 time
6:46 km avg
5:22 max
553 calories burned tonight

#500in2010 = 4.62 miles

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grey Day

Monday, 2 km walk back and forth to school x 2.

Tuesday, 1 km walk back and forth to school.

3 km = 1.86 miles

The sky is so grey today. I miss the sunshine. I also miss weighing 150 pounds.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Success

I ran a half marathon distance today! I haven't been able to run this distance for about 1 year! Today was a huge accomplishment on the road to recovery.

21.27 km
1641 calories burned
2 hours 18 minutes and 34 seconds of running
Avg pace 6:31 km
Max pace 4:55 km

#500in2010 Sunday = 13.22 miles

#500in2010 = week total in miles = 22.07

Friday's stuff

Walked back and forth to school 2km.

#500in2010 = 1.25 miles