Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tonight's Clinic 8/1's

Tonight was a great run with the group. There were 10 of us out which was nice!!

524 calories burned

Next run could be on New Years Day (Resolution Run) or my regular run on Sunday.

I have been doing a lot of researching, and making plans for the 4th of January. My fresh start.

Starting over, but so excited! I cannot wait to start the half clinic next Thursday!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good run tonight, last set of 6/1's!

Tonight, we ran the resolution run. It is 5 km. A long and slow 5 km.

39 minutes
4.87 km
394 calories

Tomorrow, we are up to 8/1's already. The next week, back at 10/1's! I couldn't be more excited! I am feeling like I am getting 'back to normal' but over 30 pounds heavier. The athlete in me is in hiding, but she will return! I figure by March 2010.

I have done it before, and I will do it again. I also expressed interest in taking up biking again in the spring for cross training! I want to ride my bicycle! I want to ride my bike. (Quick, name the song and the artist!!)

On Friday, I could run the real resolution run. I might just go and run it. Never have done this one, and might be fun to do.

And then, I run Sunday, I run Wednesday, THURSDAY half clinic starts, and run FRIDAY! 10/1's!!

On the 4th of January, I get back into healthy eating. Bye bye crap foods. Hello healthy living!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

SICK for Christmas

I didn't get to eat Christmas dinner this year. I had a lovely Christmas breakfast, and after that I started feeling sick. So, I layed down. Felt really pukey, and then I got ready for our company. Sat at the table whilst everybody ate, and then I layed back down on the sofa. By evening my son threw up two times, and then one of my girls threw up in the morning. Thankfully that is it!

Yesterday (boxing day I started feeling better again, and able to enjoy a few treats!)

This morning went for a run with my group. I led the front of the pack, and we ran 5.1 km.

Cold, bright and beautiful. And, a bit slippery in places. For Christmas I received my new Garmin (the 305) and I just love it. Tried it out today!

We ran for 36:23 minutes
5.17 km
I burned 446 calories (the joys of being heavier)

And, I am excited to join the half marathon clinic which starts first week of January. We have a few weeks left of this clinic, today was 6/1's. On Wednesday we bump up to 8/1's. Following week 10/1's! I am so excited to get back there.

Jan, I am back on track, I am feeling good. Time to blast this weight off!

Happy holidays!