Friday, January 29, 2010

A new twist

Yes, I twisted yet the OTHER foot/ankle tonight. Stepping off of a curb. I am not sure if I can even exercise or run tomorrow. I have ice on it *fingers crossed* and now my hubby has the puke flu. Poor guy!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From Sick to Sweet!

Tonight I felt good enough to run with my group. So I did. It is that darn #500in2010 that made me do it!

6.6k run
6.29 av
5:18 best
Calories burned 592

#500in2010 - 7.1km = 4.5 miles (I added in the .5mile from today in this total)


Yesterday, I got what the rest of the family got. It wasn't too much fun. Puking is no fun. Yuck. I had to have Cliff come home from work early so I could just rest. I stayed on the couch all day, and slept a lot.

This morning I am feeling a bit better. Not a whole lot of energy, and sad that I couldn't run. But before I started feeling sick, I actually did my morning video.

I think at the end of the six weeks, I will do one EXTRA week to make up for the missed exercise sessions.

Had 4 glasses of water, and now a bowl of oatmeal and blueberries. I also walked to school. #500in2010 - 1km or .5 mile. I am hoping I can run tonight!? I will play that thought out later.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 4 - Monday Weigh In

Well, the hard work paid off. After last week only losing .2 was pretty discouraging. However, today I am happy to report I lost THREE pounds this week.

Previous Weight 183.8
Current Weight 180.8
loss of 3 pounds
total loss 11.2
35.8 pounds to go
BMI - overweight (from obese four weeks ago)

If I keep working out hard, recording my calories, drinking my water, having my vitamins it looks like I *could* drop into the 170's by next Monday.

Today, I will start week 4 of Slim in Six! Two more weeks to go! I just keep pressing play! (and wake up and put on my workout gear so the moment I get back in the house, I am ready to workout!)

Happy Monday! And a nacho splurge tonight!

#500in2010 - 2K or 1.25 miles

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Summary

It is has been a crazy weekend. So many of our kids are throwing up. I was up on the couch until 5 a.m. And then out the door at 8 to go for my long Sunday run.

I am just happy that so far I am feeling fine, and so is Cliff. And three other kids. This means ALL of them have had it now. I hope it is the end of the puke.

Run today:

751 calories burned
avg pace 6:37
max 4:51

Two major hills. Long hills. I survived and I feel GREAT! I LOVE my running group.

#500in2010 total this week: 18.5 MILES

And of course, it is a weigh in day for me tomorrow morning. I hope I have made some progress!
Oh, and week four of six start for me tomorrow for Slim in Six!