Thursday, April 8, 2010


Back from a cold and windy 6.75 km run plus two walks back and forth to school. 2 km + a windy garbage pick up all over our street (.5 km). I picked up two bags of flying garbage. Yuck. (a neighbour garbage can blew over, and all the contents)

#500in2010 = 9 km = 5.60 miles today


Whoa, life has been busy! I have hardly any time to get on here and update!

Yesterday I walked to school and back, 1 km. Then I ran last night (forgot my Garmin, however got data off of my friend Kevin (thank you Kevin! I have missed running with you so very much!) 6.39 km

So, 7.39 km yesterday

#500in2010 = 4.60 miles for Wednesday

I have been eating too much Easter chocolate. Tonight it stops! It doesn't even taste that good anymore. So, done with that.

Tonight I run.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday = AWESOME Day!

Didn't get much sleep last night. Got to bed at 12:30 p.m. only to be awoken around 3 I think. A pee accident in a bed. So, kind of disruptive. Up at 7:30 for a long run. I also ate a lot more than normal last night (dinner with friends) and had two glasses of wine. Over a period of many hours. I also drank tea. So, I though with this combo, maybe not the best for a longer than my usual normal Sunday long run.

I had decided I would run 18 km this morning. I have been training hard. I was ready! I have had no pain. I was more afraid of maybe feeling pain again. That awful pain that might take me out of running again. That has had me scared of trying anything more than my usual 13 km. That was my furthest distance in the last month or so. So, today I worked harder. To try to go the distance again. I am tired of feeling fearful of this. Letting fear hold me back from doing something that completes me. I see ALL sorts of body types out there running further, and faster than me. There are also those who run a lot slower than me. So, I believe this is all a matter of mind over matter. Not listening to those who say maybe you shouldn't. Maybe you should do less. Maybe the timing is not right.

So, as I said I decided today was the day this was going to change for me. I am READY. Today I more than proved this to myself. I ran over 19 km this morning. I ran with one of the 'turtles' from my marathon clinic. Jean. I LOVED the run today. Amazing weather, amazing friends. I did it, and not only did I do it. I did it WELL! Finishing strong, upright and a smile on my face. My salty face! (need better nutrition next week!)

So, here i go. I have made the decision to move forward, and to learn from my past mistakes and try out a different approach to running. And today, I did it! I haven't run an 18/19 km since my marathon training! This is HUGE progress. This is amazing! This is awesome.

I have missed these long runs. They make me feel like a runner! I have missed that feeling!

I cannot wait until next week! I am doing it again! Thank you Jean for the best run ever! xo

19.12 km
2:04:08 time
Avg 6:30 pace
Max 5:19 pace
1472 calories burned!

#500in2010 sunday miles = 12 miles

#500in2010 = Weekly grand total = 23.48 miles

Happy Easter!