Saturday, November 14, 2009

The morning after...

I feel a bit sore, but I think this sore feeling is that good sore feeling! Like I actually did something good for my body. I cannot wait to run tomorrow morning!

I also wanted to say that even though I just ran 7 sets of run 1 and walk 2 minutes. It is amazing the effect it has on my mental feelings! I know I am not any more thin, or that I weigh less than I did yesterday. I just find the way I look and feel about my body is HUGE improvement! I actually feel better when I look in the mirror. And, as I walk around. That is the power of running, and the mind. Amazing!

I feel like I am walking taller, and stronger. That is exciting! I haven't felt like that for MONTHS, and MONTHS!

P.S. I ate healthy all day yesterday, but I ate chocolate and cookies with coffee last night. I shouldn't have had that stuff, but I did. I will up my calories to 1500 daily.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ist Run since July 31st!

Well, tonight was the very first night of my clinic, we did our intros and I realized I have been in and out of the RR since January 2005! I must love running to do that for so long!

So, tonight we ran:

2.87 km
24:03 time
208 calories burned

Feel GREAT! I feel motivated, and look forward to running Sunday morning again! Yay! My instructor is awesome, and her and I were in the Marathon clinic together, except she got into a serious accident at the beginning and didn't run for quite some time. So, it was nice to catch up with her!

And, an old friend/preschool Mom joined too because I inspired her. So yay!

Tonight is the NIGHT!

Wow, I was charging up my Garmin, and taking a look at previous runs!

My last run was July 31st!

I tried to run about 15 times between April 4th and now.

Changing my weight in my Garmin to read 187 pounds. Also, finding all of my gear. So I can be ready to run tonight.

Wish me luck! It is going to take a lot of effort to get back to where I was, and then some. I feel it in me that I will achieve that goal this time around.

I had lots of water today, ate healthy and plan on eating about 1300 calories a day for now. See how that goes.

I am tempted to take my measurements, but I don't know if I want to depress myself with my reality of what size I am.

I am in the 'obese' category (a fraction about overweight) still enough to make me work my tail off! LITERALLY!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well, I went out on Monday evening and signed myself up for the learn to run clinic which starts tomorrow. It is a ten week program three times a week.

I am excited nervous. Hoping that my hip will be awesome! Thankfully it is a nice gradual program which has worked for me many times in the past.

I also had to buy new running gear. ALL new because, nothing fits. I went from a size small, to a size medium/large. I bought cheaper gear because it is all going to be too big come Spring. I feel rather disappointed in myself for having bad eating habits, and not sticking to any sort of plan. But hey, I forgive myself and allow myself to move on and learn from this past year. I realized maybe I don't need to run marathons or do a huge triathlon (but I can still dream about it for now!) But just realize to run even 5 km is important. If I do that three times a week, I am running 15 kms a week. That is fine (For now)

Big goals both personally and professionally coming up in 2010. Yes, I am already thinking that far ahead! I like to set attainable goals, and I am hoping that this will be my reality again. Back into my size sixes.

Oh, how I miss you size six.

Oh how I will wear you in the early new year! Oh how running is going to feel amazing! Just to be able to MOVE, and breathe and get away from it all. SO amazing.

So, today I need to prepare for tomorrow night. Find my garmin, and set it for 1 min run, 2 minute walk. I cannot even remember for how long. It doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that I give it my best.

I can do that.