Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well, I went out on Monday evening and signed myself up for the learn to run clinic which starts tomorrow. It is a ten week program three times a week.

I am excited nervous. Hoping that my hip will be awesome! Thankfully it is a nice gradual program which has worked for me many times in the past.

I also had to buy new running gear. ALL new because, nothing fits. I went from a size small, to a size medium/large. I bought cheaper gear because it is all going to be too big come Spring. I feel rather disappointed in myself for having bad eating habits, and not sticking to any sort of plan. But hey, I forgive myself and allow myself to move on and learn from this past year. I realized maybe I don't need to run marathons or do a huge triathlon (but I can still dream about it for now!) But just realize to run even 5 km is important. If I do that three times a week, I am running 15 kms a week. That is fine (For now)

Big goals both personally and professionally coming up in 2010. Yes, I am already thinking that far ahead! I like to set attainable goals, and I am hoping that this will be my reality again. Back into my size sixes.

Oh, how I miss you size six.

Oh how I will wear you in the early new year! Oh how running is going to feel amazing! Just to be able to MOVE, and breathe and get away from it all. SO amazing.

So, today I need to prepare for tomorrow night. Find my garmin, and set it for 1 min run, 2 minute walk. I cannot even remember for how long. It doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that I give it my best.

I can do that.

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