Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Night

Just got back from a gorgeous run in the sun!

8.68 km
56:01 time
6:27 km avg
4:25 km max
663 calories

add my 2 km walk to and from school.

#500in2010 FRIDAY night 10.68 km = 6.64 miles

HELLO Friday!

Last night my clinic began, and so I work towards my new goal! It certainly feels good to have a goal!

5:40 km run
34:48 time
403 calories burned
6:27 avg pace in km
4:20 max pace in km

2 km walking yesterday back and forth to school in the glorious sunshine!

#500in2010 = 7.40 km to miles = 4.60 miles yesterday, Thursday

I am going to run today as well. Saturday, a rest day. Sunday running.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A finishing photo

I was on a mission to get under 60 minutes, as I posted in my last post I was able to do that!

Here is a little blurb about my clinic that starts tonight! I cannot wait to get started, and of course my goal is to lose some more weight of course, and to kick my PB time for this race! My PB was in June 2008. I ran a 10 km in 56:34 and placed third in the women's category. I know I can do this again!! I need to knock about 3 minutes from my time. (well just over 2.77!)

Darlene’s 10k Run: This clinic is designed for those comfortable with 6k distance. It will start with Run 10mins, Walk 1 min for the First 2 weeks then steady running during the week and 10’s and 1’s on the Sunday Run. This Clinic builds to 13k over 11 weeks.

I will post my run later! Another run in the sunshine! Woot!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

just call me slacker cath!

OK, can this be any more of a bad angle here?! LOL

I got roped into helping with the warm up. I was having too much fun as you can tell!

Wooping it up for the crowd!

Having too much fun it looks like! My friend and running instructor from the 10 km clinic Darlene on my right and Pat in red on my left.

I am here. I really am. After my harsh run on Saturday, and and another run on the Sunday my body was beat UP! So, I took the last few days off. I ran tonight, and of course I walked to school with the kids a couple of times. All of which I will record here today.

I also have my heavy awful cycle which makes running a challenge on the heavy days. I am also all bloated, and really haven't been eating the best. So, I ran tonight. I MADE myself run tonight. I ran 6 km. It felt hard. I am worn out. That time change, and all of my busy of my life is catching up to me! I need to take it down a notch and get some good rest!

This evening I registered for the 10 km clinic again. I am going to beat my time of 59:10.9 (Saturday's race) which I thought I would do way better, however the hills were killer. I don't think I will run that one again. At the 6 km I was just at 30 minutes. And then the hills started and that is where I lost the time.

I placed 38th out of 110 runners and eighth in my category.

So, with a positive mind, I will run a WAY better time in May for my next goal race. Secretly I want to beat my PB. SO, we will see about that closer to the goal race. I am just happy I did sub 60, so I guess I achieved that goal.


6.05 km
6:35 km avg
5:06 km best
463 calories

Two walks to school in the last two days = 2 km

So, 6.05 + 2 km = 8.05 km

#500in2010 = 5 miles

I will run tomorrow, and on Friday. Rest Saturday, longer run Sunday!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Summary

Just got back from a 7 km run. Oooh am I sore from yesterday. My thighs, even my abs! Wow. I have decided to take a repeat of the 10 km clinic, and run a bit more distance on the Sundays with my friend Darlene. I just love her! She and I have a great time, and a similar pace. So, that is the plan!

7.13 km
46:43 time
6:33 km avg pace
5:18 max pace
535 calories

#500in2010 Sunday = 4.43 miles

Total #500in2010 for the week = 21.08 miles