Wednesday, March 17, 2010

just call me slacker cath!

OK, can this be any more of a bad angle here?! LOL

I got roped into helping with the warm up. I was having too much fun as you can tell!

Wooping it up for the crowd!

Having too much fun it looks like! My friend and running instructor from the 10 km clinic Darlene on my right and Pat in red on my left.

I am here. I really am. After my harsh run on Saturday, and and another run on the Sunday my body was beat UP! So, I took the last few days off. I ran tonight, and of course I walked to school with the kids a couple of times. All of which I will record here today.

I also have my heavy awful cycle which makes running a challenge on the heavy days. I am also all bloated, and really haven't been eating the best. So, I ran tonight. I MADE myself run tonight. I ran 6 km. It felt hard. I am worn out. That time change, and all of my busy of my life is catching up to me! I need to take it down a notch and get some good rest!

This evening I registered for the 10 km clinic again. I am going to beat my time of 59:10.9 (Saturday's race) which I thought I would do way better, however the hills were killer. I don't think I will run that one again. At the 6 km I was just at 30 minutes. And then the hills started and that is where I lost the time.

I placed 38th out of 110 runners and eighth in my category.

So, with a positive mind, I will run a WAY better time in May for my next goal race. Secretly I want to beat my PB. SO, we will see about that closer to the goal race. I am just happy I did sub 60, so I guess I achieved that goal.


6.05 km
6:35 km avg
5:06 km best
463 calories

Two walks to school in the last two days = 2 km

So, 6.05 + 2 km = 8.05 km

#500in2010 = 5 miles

I will run tomorrow, and on Friday. Rest Saturday, longer run Sunday!


  1. Not a slacker Cathy!
    I have found that I need to rest a lot more with my training now. Running 5 days a week was hurting too many things. So now I am running every other day and doing cross training in between.

  2. You really are an inspiration. I am still trying to figure out how to do it all with 3 kids and you are doing it with 6! Thanks for keeping this blog.

  3. Slacker my Butt!! I have seen you running your butt off!! You are rocking these races that a girl!! LOVE IT!!! keep up the good work.