Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Night 7 km

I went for a run tonight. It was slow, and my RIGHT knee was hurting a bit. So I stretched a lot after. I am sure I will be good for my 23 on Sunday though.

7:05 km
47:37 km
Avg 6:45
Calories 528 

Going out for dinner and some drinks with some friends tonight. It has been A LONG time.

Given up this week

I have about 5 weigh ins, including the weigh in on Sunday. I am not going to weigh in. I way more than the 147.2 I weighed on last Sunday. I have been enjoying myself. And, I will get back onto my plan on Monday. Some weeks are like that. I am like 149/148 so FRUSTRATING. I sometimes it is my loose skin, and that this is where I may be stuck.

I REALLY want to win this contest, but I am low in energy and often think this is not good timing to try to lose this much weight, although I know it would help in race time finishing etc.

I just don't like cycling between the same 5 pounds. I am hoping that my once an evening nursing session with my 16 MONTH old will be ending. This is day three. So, it could be a hormonal shift as well. As well as being the PMS part of my cycle. Nasty. Nasty LOL.

Anyways, I am going to enjoy not counting calories for the rest of this weekend. And, start fresh again Monday. For 4 weeks until that final weigh in on Sunday, April 26th. Wish me luck!

I  plan on upping my cardio (extra Jazzercise, my longer, then shorter runs, portion control, curb night eating, and drink lots of water)  ( I am also going to try to up my weight workouts!! I need to use weights I think! PUSH past this darn phase! The weight HAS to come off.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Difference...

OK, last nights run was not so good. It was 5 km, and I had stomach troubles. Tonight, we finished the last of our hill training. 1o hills tonight and they felt AWESOME. I actually ran one extra to support our other runners who were finishing up their runs.

So, all in all I feel very proud of myself, and of my group. What a HUGE accomplishment for us all. My right knee was hurting a bit, but nothing too too serious. I just need to stretch more. My left leg totally FINE!

In tally of all of our hills we have run over 50 km of hills (25 km being up hill!) So amazing when we think about it. This week we have run WAY over the marathon distance. I have no doubt I will find the strength to finish the marathon. 

Yesterdays 5 km:
4.93 km 
26:43 (with stomach distress)
Avg 5:26
Max 4:29

Tonights 10 hill run:
16.14 km
Avg 6:29
Max 4:10
( I don't feel like recording all of the hills tonight)

All in all, I feel very happy! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday - Run Night

Yesterday I think I ate too much. Well about 2000 calories. I didn't go to Jazzercise. I was tired, and sore. I listened to my body. 

Today, I don't feel like running, and I totally don't want to be on 'plan' so I am eating to full (a comfortable full) and I am choosing not to record my eating. I get bored of recording everything.

I had my kashi and milk w/banana.

Snack: 2 slices ww bread w/2 tbsp natural pbutter and a tablespoon of strawberry jam.

I am experimenting, as I need to be able to keep this up long term. And I am mad that this morning I saw 149 again. And then I feel mad I didn't exercise, and that I ate Subway, and  baked lays. know how it goes.

So, I refuse to give up. I need to feel happy, but I also need to eat so that I have energy and strength to run my marathon. So, maybe weightloss is not the right thing right now?!

I need to eat less at night, but hard with evening fitness activities. Hard. 

So, I will take this out on a fast run tonight.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weigh In - Long Run Sunday OMG 32 km

Today, was a fabulous day. I am exhausted, I ran 32 km. It felt hard, and I am like wow, I have to run 10 more KM after this?! I can do this. No doubt is is going to hurt, but I will do it. I just love my marathon group! They rock!

Weigh In:
Was 149
Current 147.4
Goal 130
(to go: 17.4 pounds to lose)

FIVE more weigh ins to final weigh in, and SIX weeks to the marathon! Woo!

32 km (Long slow distance run)
32.40 km
Avg pace 6:07 km
Best pace 4:38
Calories 2329

(oh yah, and 8 banana peels on the road today!)

Recovery drink: 1 cup of chocolate milk, and a Starbucks Vivanno!