Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Difference...

OK, last nights run was not so good. It was 5 km, and I had stomach troubles. Tonight, we finished the last of our hill training. 1o hills tonight and they felt AWESOME. I actually ran one extra to support our other runners who were finishing up their runs.

So, all in all I feel very proud of myself, and of my group. What a HUGE accomplishment for us all. My right knee was hurting a bit, but nothing too too serious. I just need to stretch more. My left leg totally FINE!

In tally of all of our hills we have run over 50 km of hills (25 km being up hill!) So amazing when we think about it. This week we have run WAY over the marathon distance. I have no doubt I will find the strength to finish the marathon. 

Yesterdays 5 km:
4.93 km 
26:43 (with stomach distress)
Avg 5:26
Max 4:29

Tonights 10 hill run:
16.14 km
Avg 6:29
Max 4:10
( I don't feel like recording all of the hills tonight)

All in all, I feel very happy! 

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