Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weigh In - Long Run Sunday OMG 32 km

Today, was a fabulous day. I am exhausted, I ran 32 km. It felt hard, and I am like wow, I have to run 10 more KM after this?! I can do this. No doubt is is going to hurt, but I will do it. I just love my marathon group! They rock!

Weigh In:
Was 149
Current 147.4
Goal 130
(to go: 17.4 pounds to lose)

FIVE more weigh ins to final weigh in, and SIX weeks to the marathon! Woo!

32 km (Long slow distance run)
32.40 km
Avg pace 6:07 km
Best pace 4:38
Calories 2329

(oh yah, and 8 banana peels on the road today!)

Recovery drink: 1 cup of chocolate milk, and a Starbucks Vivanno!

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