Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday - Day before weigh in

Well, I ate a bit more over the last few days. To about 1800 calories. It felt better to eat a bit more, considering I have been really active lately. Last night I registered for the marathon! I am READY! It is official!

This morning I went for a 7 km run around the hood. Felt good. It was really cold, and it took about 3 km before I could feel my fingers again. 

The details:
7.13 km +
Avg pace 6:21
Best pace 5:05 
Calories 533

I have had a Vivanno so far. I had the leftovers in a venti cup so about 400 ish calories. And I went for my waxing. Tomorrow is of course another weigh in, and we run our longest run ever of 32 km. It is called 32 km - Oh My God...I think because we run all over the town and back! Crazy. Apparently however long this run takes tomorrow should be a good indicator of how the 42.2 km will be on race day.

When I tell people I am running a marathon they ask if I am running the "Sun Run" and I say nope. I am running 42.2 km, not 10 km. It is like running four and a bit Sun Run's in a row. Their jaws drop! Funny I think.

Anyways, I should be in good shape for tomorrow. The sun is out, and looks like it will be a beautiful day for a run tomorrow. And a weigh in. WOOT!

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