Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today's weight: 148.4

It must have been that crazy run I did last night. It was the quickest, most fast paced run I have done in a long time. 7 km, 35 minutes. Best pace was under 3:45 or something crazy like that. Avg pace was 5:00 km which was extreme for me. But you know what, I did it! It felt GREAT to be pushed. And I did better maybe because I forgot my Garmin last night. 

I love my marathon group. They are like family to me. We are all crazy, we talked about setting our goals etc. last night at the Starbucks. I had to pass up treats like crazy as there was a St. Patricks day table full of goodies brought in by the runners. That kills me, so I just walk away. I had a non fat vanilla roobious sp tea @ Starbucks instead. And then ate my Subway. Good recovery meal/dinner for me. 

Tonight we are running 9 hills. Next week, 10 hills. Then we start our speed work. I am going to register for the marathon on Friday night before the entrance fee goes up again.

I cannot believe it is that CLOSE. When I fill in my form, and pay I am going to say a secret prayer in hopes that I will see under a 4 hour marathon. Even if it is by seconds. With each pound drop, I can feel myself getting stronger, leaner and more ready to reach my goal! 

Such an exciting time right now.

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