Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hill Training - 9 Hills/ 15 km

Well, I survived tonight. I was strong for many of the hills. Until my stomach started to get very upset. I thought I was going to have troubles. So, I ran the last 2.5 hills a lot slower. Guess who we saw on the hills! My Mom and Dad. And my Granny. That was fun. My dad came back  and cheered us on - that was hill number six. Woo!

I came home and had some probs in the bathroom. So I went, and I felt a bit better. Not fun. 

I weighed myself after the hills and I was 146.4 pounds. I haven't seen that weight for MANY MANY MANY years. It is very exciting. One of my running friends said she could SEE the difference on my body over the last two weeks. I felt happy hearing that. I also put a size xs hoodie on hold for Sunday. I have been working hard, so reward time for me.

I forgot my Garmin again. Grrhhhhh. 

It was 15 km approx. About 1.5 + hours of running. 9 km of hills. 
Calories, I would venture to say 1400 + (like last week, but more I'd bet)

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