Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Plan

Well, Cliff and I have entered another weight loss competition (this time with many running friends and their spouses etc.) We will put in 100 dollars (50 per couple) and first prize takes 500, second, 100 and third prize takes 50 dollars. Our plan is to take first and second...that will pay for our yearly trip to Victoria and a little bit more. 

The group has already started, and we are late joiners. We joined because they extended their contest, and not a lot of them were losing weight so, we thought now is our time to get lean again. I am sad that my size five/sixes are a distant memory. And the button popped off my lucky 7's. And my eights...muffin top. Time to strike back! Take control back. I had my fun, and now I am DONE. I am ready to be the best Cathy I can be!

I/we will weigh in and measure tomorrow night (Sunday), and my 'plan' starts on Monday morning. Although my plan and formulations have already been turning in my head for a week or two already. 

I plan on documenting this whole experience here on this blog. Hopefully on a daily basis.

We have TEN weeks. Ten weeks to lose as much as we can! I cannot WAIT to get started!

{The Plan}

*Run: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and long run Sundays.
*Jazzercise: Monday, Tuesday morning, Thursday morning and Thursday night 
(that gives me good cardio and weigh/strength training that I really need!)
*Extra cardio:  Friday and Saturday (at least half hour of something...)
(My cardio will be daily--perfect for fat burning!)

*Whole grains, veggies, fruits, lean protein (based on the YOU Diet)
*healthy eating, stopping eating at 9 pm
*drink at least 8 glasses of water a day
*Starbucks: Non fat latte's and half a biscotti
*I will record my food online at Sparkpeople.  (EVERYTHING I take in!)
*No take out (except for Subway or Quiznos)
*Splurge once a week on Sunday nights on whatever we want (probably nachos!)

Calories: I will around 1200 - 1500 daily. 
Cliff will eat between 1500 - 1800 daily.

Women's multi, vitamin C, D, fish oils, calcium, magnesium.

Sleep: I am going to try to get into bed by 11 pm each night for 10 weeks

Weigh In:
Every Sunday morning for 10 weeks (final weigh in bring scale and weigh in with the group)

Before Photos: To be taken and posted

After Photos: To be taken and posted

Measurements: Before and After for sure!

Fitting back into my size sixes, and maybe size fours?
Feeling good about myself
Every 10 pounds: A pedicure
When I hit 145 pounds: I will go for my very first facial (I never went when I hit 199 pounds first time around) maybe a deluxe facial.
Goal Weight: Zoom teeth whitening (Zoom)

This contest, and marathon will take us almost until our 11th wedding anniversary. I hope to reward each other with a pair of new wedding bands. Maybe even a vow renewal. September, well that is the month of my 20 year high school reunion.


That is how many days I have until I run my first marathon. That is a 42.2 km run (or 26 miles) for me. I have always wanted to run a marathon. Training has been underway for many weeks, and we are of course doing our hill training. We are up to 5 - 500m hills. And this week it will jump up by one to 6 hills. And then every week until we hit 10 hills. Tomorrow morning I am running 26 km. This is the longest run I will ever have run. I am nervous and excited all at the same time.

It looks like the weather is going to be beautiful! So that will be sure to make the run even better!

New and (soon to be) Improved

(photo credit Wink Photography)

You didn't think I would abandon ship on my old blog did you? 

Welcome to my brand new blog called See Cathy Run.

Here is where you will find a new and improved blog. I was truthfully getting tired of seeing the 'old me' staring at me. So, I thought I could start again fresh, with the hopes of losing approximately 30 more pounds before running my very first marathon on May 3rd 2009. 

I have entered another 'Biggest Loser' type deal  (so has Cliff) and we have 10 weeks to lose the largest percentage of weight loss. Since I have put on more than ten pounds...I thought this is the motivation I need to get that weight off and go to my big goal! Well two HUGE goals...the weightloss and the marathon. 

So, here is where I hope to post on a daily basis, and share everything I am going through during the process and beyond.  See Cathy Run more accurately describes who I am. I love running, and I plan on running until I am forced to walk one day. Until then I run because it makes me feel fabulous! And helps me to stay calm, in control and well lean. I like feeling lean.

These days, I do not feel so lean. If you see the photo above, I was concerned that the dress wasn't going to did. But it was stressful. So, I plan on making changes to my eating, exercise etc. to become the best me I can be. 

I know there will be a lot of family and friends that say I don't need to lose anything, and that I look good already. Well to them I probably do look good. But inside, I am just not there yet. I want to feel GREAT! Especially when I am running! I feel the extra weight when I run uphill. And apparently I will be running the Burrard Street Bridge in Vancouver two times. So, I  would like to have a good finishing time. SOOOO I have to  get back into tip top shape. Not just OK shape.