Saturday, February 21, 2009

New and (soon to be) Improved

(photo credit Wink Photography)

You didn't think I would abandon ship on my old blog did you? 

Welcome to my brand new blog called See Cathy Run.

Here is where you will find a new and improved blog. I was truthfully getting tired of seeing the 'old me' staring at me. So, I thought I could start again fresh, with the hopes of losing approximately 30 more pounds before running my very first marathon on May 3rd 2009. 

I have entered another 'Biggest Loser' type deal  (so has Cliff) and we have 10 weeks to lose the largest percentage of weight loss. Since I have put on more than ten pounds...I thought this is the motivation I need to get that weight off and go to my big goal! Well two HUGE goals...the weightloss and the marathon. 

So, here is where I hope to post on a daily basis, and share everything I am going through during the process and beyond.  See Cathy Run more accurately describes who I am. I love running, and I plan on running until I am forced to walk one day. Until then I run because it makes me feel fabulous! And helps me to stay calm, in control and well lean. I like feeling lean.

These days, I do not feel so lean. If you see the photo above, I was concerned that the dress wasn't going to did. But it was stressful. So, I plan on making changes to my eating, exercise etc. to become the best me I can be. 

I know there will be a lot of family and friends that say I don't need to lose anything, and that I look good already. Well to them I probably do look good. But inside, I am just not there yet. I want to feel GREAT! Especially when I am running! I feel the extra weight when I run uphill. And apparently I will be running the Burrard Street Bridge in Vancouver two times. So, I  would like to have a good finishing time. SOOOO I have to  get back into tip top shape. Not just OK shape. 

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