Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Night

Well, it is Friday already! This week was slow, yet fast.

I am feeling my sides, and muscles in places I didn't think I had muscles. I did my second day of the BIU- SIS DVD. Oh wow. I feel myself getting stronger. That feels GOOD! That DVD was 1 hour.

Eating was good too. Last night we went to White Spot. I ordered the garden burger, easy on the ranch. And sweet potato fries. I had half of the burger, and about 10 fries in the dip (very light) and I was stuffed. I packed it up, and Cliff had my leftovers for lunch today.

I have been taking my vitamins, drinking all of my water. I can tell my stomach is shrinking. I like it!

Tonight, I met some of my old group that is now in the 5K group. We ran together and it was nice. Perfect night for a run!

478 calories burned

(Big calorie burn day today, double that I would think)

Anyways. That is my day.

#500in2010 I walked 2K today (FINALLY no sickies!!) and then my 5.48K + 7.48K or 5 miles.

A good day!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

And I'm feeling good!

Side view in my size 12's and size large top.

And a front view.

OK, you know those jeans that just don't fit right. But they did say 10 pounds ago. Since having all of these kids, and they have stretched my stomach/hip area out quite well. So, I have a lot of loose skin to shove into my pants. It is not pretty. (Saving for a tummy tuck too, after my veins are done in my legs this winter)

Well, my other two pairs of jeans are in the wash (I have been living in workout gear lately!) So, I grabbed my size 12's light blue denim of the hanger. And, I held them up to my body and thought, these are going to fit again. And voila. They are on. And they are comfortable again. And, I am wearing a purple shirt that was feeling too tight (size large) and it fits SO much better. Wow. Change. Feels. GOOD.

I know I am not a supermodel, but today I feel like one! I am so pleased that my hard work is starting to take effect. I looked through my closet after my shower and looked at my jeans. Most of them are size eights, there are a pair of size six, and a size five. I know that in the spring these are all going to fit. And I cannot wait for that! I am so excited. Like I have said before, nothing tastes as good as thin feels. These little moments make the hard work feel like I am reaching a goal again. It feels good!

I also tried on my small pink hoodie, and I can actually zip it up. 10 weeks ago, I could hardly put it on! It of course looks like I am stuffed into a sausage casing today LOL. So, not wearable, but hey it is step in the right direction! My running jacket too. I tried it on this morning and I can now zip it, and it can fit on my hips/stomach but of course, sausage casing! I am *this* close to being able to wear my size M running shirt. Oh how I have missed you running shirts!! I have my eye on some running gear that is for sure. I will reward myself with a new spring/summer running gear.

I cannot wait! Now that my period is almost over for this week, I think I will see that reflected on the scale on my Monday weigh in. Woot!

This morning I did an hour DVD called BURN IT UP. OMG. It was tough, and I was sweating like crazy! I am sore right now. However, I did it and I LOVED it. Less than three weeks to go!

Tomorrow I will try to fit a run into my schedule.

P.S. The pink hoodie I am talking about, is the one in the blog post below. OH how I love it, and miss wearing it!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hump Day - Week Three, Day Three & a Run

Today was a good day, and a bad day. Sick child in the house, a lot of puke. But manageable. My day was so much better than yesterday. I am tired, yes. But happier for sure.

It had to be my decision with regards to running. No pressure. Max 15k. And suddenly all feels right in my world again. I have no rush to run a half or try for the full. I KNOW I can do it.

So, today I did BIU, for 48 minutes (between puke clean up--really!) and laundry. Lots of laundry.

And, a good run tonight as well, and it was nice to run with my friend Louise. It is nice to have friends with fitness goals I must say! It is nice to run and chat about our lives. The runs go a lot quicker that is for sure!

7.13K run
avg 6:43
best 4:36
Calories burned: 637

#500in2010 - 4.5 miles today

Tomorrow I am doing a brand new DVD called BURN IT UP. And I will do that to the end of the six weeks! I hope it goes well tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week Three - Day Two and a Run!

Ah, the good old days :D (Well, June 2008)
10k, 3rd place in my category. 56:34 (PB for me)

Well, today was one of THOSE days. Yup. A not so nice day, but was better when my cousin popped over with a coffee and a scone for me. And a good hug. And a talk, and suddenly life felt better!

I did my SIS, RIU DVD of 48 minutes, and I can totally feel myself getting stronger which feels great. I also switched into the 10K clinic. And tonight was my first run with the group and it was GREAT. It felt right, and I was right where I wanted to be.

Today, was a good calorie burning day. Last night was our splurge night (nachos, and they were very good) which we give ourselves once a week. Highly enjoyed it. Got really full fast!

I have only eight weeks until our goal race in March. I plan on taking off 2 pounds per week, and hope to run that race 16 pounds lighter. That would make me, 168 pounds. That would be a good start! And of course, I want to beat my 10K time (56:34-Run for Remembrance)

Tonights Run
"Glover Lover"

545 calories burned
avg 6:42
max 4:51

#500in2010 - 4 miles

Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 3 - Monday Weigh In

Well, after almost 7 days of spotting, my cycle/period kicked in today. How annoying is that?!

I am only .2 down in weight as I am bloated. I think next week by Monday more should roll off my body! (YES PLEASE!) I weighed a 183.8 this morning. Hard to swallow when I worked so VERY hard this whole week. Oh well, blame the horrormones.

It was a lot easier to lose weight the first time (after Coco, and breastfeeding) these periods are brutal! Yuck. I have noticed night sweats, and tired. Maybe I am in perimenopause?! I am 38, heading to 39. Not sure.

So, this cycle was 33 days apart, and the month before 27 days apart. Still 'normal' but really annoying.

Enough about that.

So, I did my slim in six, week three, day 1 this morning. I LOVE it! I am feeling a lot stronger already! I cannot wait to see what happens with my body shape in the next three weeks. My running clothes are getting looser! That is good!

Tomorrow, I jump down to the 10k clinic, and I am excited about it! I am so thankful to be able to run!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chilly Chase 2010 - 5K race this morning

Here is me nearing the finishing chute. Not very attractive, and I felt very winded. But hey, I did it. I can see from these images where I have to take off the weight. I don't like how I look at ALL. However, I know I am working on this.

Thank you Nikki for taking my photos, and sharing them with me!

Pre race of course. Note, the top image, I stripped off the layer, and my hat. I got very warm quickly!

Well, I did it! So did a lot of my friends, and first time race runners! It is so exciting to watch first time racers finish a race! For many of our clinic participants in the LTR, this was their very first experience! I totally remember that very first time and how exciting is was!

This is my very first race this year of course, and my last race was actually the Chilly Chase 2009, when I ran the 15k. I find it amazing at how fast life can change in a year! Last year, in the shape of my life, this year coming off an injury, and then my stupid fall in the garage yesterday.

However, I am pleased that I managed to complete the 5k pain FREE!! This is a miracle in itself. It felt great to run! Fun to hang out with my friends. Nice to have Cliff and Courtney there to cheer me on!

Chilly Chase 2010 - 5k (not official, but from my trusty Garmin)
5.19k ( bit over)
avg 5:57
max 3:33
Calories 477

Thank you to Nikki and Susan for the wonderful LTR clinic! You both are the best!

Cathy xo

P.S. Christina! I am so sorry we never met up!!! I would have loved to have said hello!! How did you do?

Edited to add:
Placed 33/101 runners
Placed 9 in the 30-39 category!
27:40.8 (chipped time!)

#500in2010 I did 8.19k this week or, about 5 miles. So yuck from last week, but I needed to rest! It was the right choice.