Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday - Day before weigh in

Well, I ate a bit more over the last few days. To about 1800 calories. It felt better to eat a bit more, considering I have been really active lately. Last night I registered for the marathon! I am READY! It is official!

This morning I went for a 7 km run around the hood. Felt good. It was really cold, and it took about 3 km before I could feel my fingers again. 

The details:
7.13 km +
Avg pace 6:21
Best pace 5:05 
Calories 533

I have had a Vivanno so far. I had the leftovers in a venti cup so about 400 ish calories. And I went for my waxing. Tomorrow is of course another weigh in, and we run our longest run ever of 32 km. It is called 32 km - Oh My God...I think because we run all over the town and back! Crazy. Apparently however long this run takes tomorrow should be a good indicator of how the 42.2 km will be on race day.

When I tell people I am running a marathon they ask if I am running the "Sun Run" and I say nope. I am running 42.2 km, not 10 km. It is like running four and a bit Sun Run's in a row. Their jaws drop! Funny I think.

Anyways, I should be in good shape for tomorrow. The sun is out, and looks like it will be a beautiful day for a run tomorrow. And a weigh in. WOOT!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday! Finally.

Catching up. Last night I had a high energy class at Jazzercise. I love jazzercise as a secondary compliment to the rest of my running. We use weights, do push ups, crunches etc. It is getting me into great shape.

I ate over in calories yesterday, by about 1oo ish. Why, I ate half a portion of Cadbury mini eggs. 9 of them actually. And they were SOOO worth it. I know I will do well this week in my weight loss. So, I took a chance, and loved every bite. Sometimes moderation is better as you tend to savour every bite a bit more. Instead of mindlessly popping the whole family sized bag down your throat. This way, I can enjoy this every night for some time if I wanted to.

Anyways, I may take today off from exercise and just go for a run tomorrow morning instead. I need a break sometimes. I am exercising pretty much daily at this point. Mentally this might feel good. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hill Training - 9 Hills/ 15 km

Well, I survived tonight. I was strong for many of the hills. Until my stomach started to get very upset. I thought I was going to have troubles. So, I ran the last 2.5 hills a lot slower. Guess who we saw on the hills! My Mom and Dad. And my Granny. That was fun. My dad came back  and cheered us on - that was hill number six. Woo!

I came home and had some probs in the bathroom. So I went, and I felt a bit better. Not fun. 

I weighed myself after the hills and I was 146.4 pounds. I haven't seen that weight for MANY MANY MANY years. It is very exciting. One of my running friends said she could SEE the difference on my body over the last two weeks. I felt happy hearing that. I also put a size xs hoodie on hold for Sunday. I have been working hard, so reward time for me.

I forgot my Garmin again. Grrhhhhh. 

It was 15 km approx. About 1.5 + hours of running. 9 km of hills. 
Calories, I would venture to say 1400 + (like last week, but more I'd bet)

Today's weight: 148.4

It must have been that crazy run I did last night. It was the quickest, most fast paced run I have done in a long time. 7 km, 35 minutes. Best pace was under 3:45 or something crazy like that. Avg pace was 5:00 km which was extreme for me. But you know what, I did it! It felt GREAT to be pushed. And I did better maybe because I forgot my Garmin last night. 

I love my marathon group. They are like family to me. We are all crazy, we talked about setting our goals etc. last night at the Starbucks. I had to pass up treats like crazy as there was a St. Patricks day table full of goodies brought in by the runners. That kills me, so I just walk away. I had a non fat vanilla roobious sp tea @ Starbucks instead. And then ate my Subway. Good recovery meal/dinner for me. 

Tonight we are running 9 hills. Next week, 10 hills. Then we start our speed work. I am going to register for the marathon on Friday night before the entrance fee goes up again.

I cannot believe it is that CLOSE. When I fill in my form, and pay I am going to say a secret prayer in hopes that I will see under a 4 hour marathon. Even if it is by seconds. With each pound drop, I can feel myself getting stronger, leaner and more ready to reach my goal! 

Such an exciting time right now.

Monday, March 16, 2009


I finally broke my 150 pound plateau. I ate my splurge of nachos last night, a bit of frozen yogurt, with angel food cake and a tbsp. of dark choco. chips. I think it helped. I stood on the scale this morning and wham bam thank you ma'am. 148.4 came up! Too bad it wasn't yesterday. The long run helped, as did that splurge. It was so good. 

It just makes me see that I can do this! I am excited to see how far I can get in this contest. I am sitting at about 10% of weight loss right now. I don't know where the others are at right now. All I know is that I feel really fit right now! It feels great. I just want to get my job done now! I have under 20 pounds to lose! Woo hoo. Six more weigh ins, I don't think that will happen, but 139...very possible!  I wanted to get to 130, not sure if that is possible as the past two weeks with diligent work, staying on track didn't help. So, I just have to plug away at it! After the contest is over, I will continue to get down to 130. I figure by June/July I will be there! PERFECT! 

Today, I had my protein (from the health food store) shake. Banana, apple. A Safeway turkey lasagna (healthy one that was portioned controlled) and two hard boiled eggs. A handful of almonds, and 5 dates. Yummy, they taste like candy! (Natures candy!!)

Tonight, taco salad...of the healthy kind of course. Yummy!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weigh In Three - Down a little

Just got back from a 29 km run, to our local favourite park, and back. The weather was iffy, it got nice, and then it it started to rain/snow. Now it is snowing. My run felt AMAZING! I love running with my group!

Down to business.

Weigh In
Was: 150.2
Current: 149.0 (-1.2 pounds)
Left to goal weight: 20 pounds
(6 more weigh ins left, and personally the way this weightloss is going, I will be satisfied with 140 ish!! Even 145 at this point!!)

29 km Run
28.95 km
Best pace: 4:58
Avg pace: 6:20