Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday! Finally.

Catching up. Last night I had a high energy class at Jazzercise. I love jazzercise as a secondary compliment to the rest of my running. We use weights, do push ups, crunches etc. It is getting me into great shape.

I ate over in calories yesterday, by about 1oo ish. Why, I ate half a portion of Cadbury mini eggs. 9 of them actually. And they were SOOO worth it. I know I will do well this week in my weight loss. So, I took a chance, and loved every bite. Sometimes moderation is better as you tend to savour every bite a bit more. Instead of mindlessly popping the whole family sized bag down your throat. This way, I can enjoy this every night for some time if I wanted to.

Anyways, I may take today off from exercise and just go for a run tomorrow morning instead. I need a break sometimes. I am exercising pretty much daily at this point. Mentally this might feel good. 

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