Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yesterday, was Friday

Happy Weekend! The sun is shining! I feel great!

I ran with my old running friends last night. We ran for about 6k.

6.15 km
549 calories
Avg 6:44
Max 4:40

Period is done. Thank goodness.

#500in2010 = 4 miles

Tomorrow, I take our group out for an 11 km run. I am looking forward to a sunny run! Woo!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Walked back and forth to school with the kids (in beautiful sunshine!)

I walked back and forth 3x's = 3 km

#500in2010 = 2 miles

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Late Wednesday (Part 2 of 2)

OK, tonight was 5 hills night.

7.76 km
710 calories burned
Avg 6:45 (nice and easy 4km warm up to the hill)
Max 4:35

Plus, add 2 km walk today, so:

#500in2010 9.76 km = 6 miles

Tomorrow, I am not running at all. Have a business meeting, so a day of rest. Same with Saturday.

Early Wednesday (Part 1 of 2)

OK, so we mapped our walk through the downtown core of Vancouver. It was awesome!

Cliff and I walked approximately 4 miles tonight! Woo! (we mapped our route!)

#500in2010 4 miles tonight. Every step was worth it!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday - On my Own

Tonight, I am skipping run club. Going to check out the Olympic festivities.

So, I did a run on my own today in the sunshine. It felt like Spring, and my water belt just fits again. I am very happy about that1

7.6k run
682 calories burned
Avg 6:49
Max 4:51

And, I walked 2x's back and forth to school, plus add the 1k I forgot about yesterday = 3k.

#500in2010 - 7.6k + 3k = 10.6k = 6.5 miles

(And, I will be walking like a maniac tonight. I am not going to count it however. I don't want to wear my Garmin LOL.)

Tuesday - Treat

Yesterday, I actually forgot 1km (I walked 2x's to school and back!) So, after my exercise today, I will add it to today's total. #500in2010.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Run Monday

This #500in2010 is really inspiring me to become active again. In my head I see the number climbing, and it makes me happy. I should be in the 100 mile mark tomorrow. I am a quarter mile short! Thank you to Laura and Erin for this challenge. Today I did an extra run to 'Virtual Insanity' by Jamiroquai thinking of Laura. It was good!

I walked back and forth to school = 1 km

Run tonight:
662 calories burned
Avg 7:14k (slower due to a large hill, and some walking to cool down)
Max 5:11k

Feeling great on my runs these days! Tomorrow, I need to run an 8K on my own, as my parental units are giving us an opportunity to go hang out dt Vancouver to see the Olympic fever that has hit! I am so excited (and I will wear my Garmin to calculate my k's as we will be doing a lot of walking!)

Oh, and I jumped on the scale anyways this morning and I was only up .2 overall. So, that was good.

#500in2010 1k + 7.6k= 8.6k = 5 miles

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weigh In - Sunday

So, because it is Valentines Day, and I am heading out to get a special dinner or something somewhere with my honey. I have decided to weigh in a day early. I of course, usually do it tomorrow (Monday). But heck, I will do it today instead. I want to enjoy, and not be a slave to the scale.

So, todays weight is:

177.6 (down a pound) 32.6 to go.

Down 14.4 total from January 4th. Nice and slow!

I will be running tomorrow to make up for tonight ;D

LSD - Sunday Run 10K

Another beautiful run this morning. It didn't rain either! Awesome.

Happy Valentines Day. I did my heart some good too!

10K KK Inspired Route
916 cals burned
Avg 6:32
Max 5:15

Quite a few hills too.

#500in2010 today: 6.25 miles

Grand total for the week #500in2010: 27.75 miles