Monday, February 15, 2010

Run Monday

This #500in2010 is really inspiring me to become active again. In my head I see the number climbing, and it makes me happy. I should be in the 100 mile mark tomorrow. I am a quarter mile short! Thank you to Laura and Erin for this challenge. Today I did an extra run to 'Virtual Insanity' by Jamiroquai thinking of Laura. It was good!

I walked back and forth to school = 1 km

Run tonight:
662 calories burned
Avg 7:14k (slower due to a large hill, and some walking to cool down)
Max 5:11k

Feeling great on my runs these days! Tomorrow, I need to run an 8K on my own, as my parental units are giving us an opportunity to go hang out dt Vancouver to see the Olympic fever that has hit! I am so excited (and I will wear my Garmin to calculate my k's as we will be doing a lot of walking!)

Oh, and I jumped on the scale anyways this morning and I was only up .2 overall. So, that was good.

#500in2010 1k + 7.6k= 8.6k = 5 miles


  1. Cathy I remember when I first saw your blog. I followed for a while and then you took a hiatus. I am glad to see you doing this blog again and I think you will be great motivation for me.

  2. So glad this is motivating! It is motivating to me too. I am doing another half marathon next month so that should up my mileage. The only thingI have to be careful of is not get TOO competitive and hurt myself!

  3. Me too Laura! Yes, I have to be careful as well!!

  4. Hey, have fun downtown! It's crazy down there. So neat!