Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday - Day before weigh in

Today, I weighed 150.2/then 149.8. And it wouldn't budge. Looks like I will not  be losing anything this week. Frustrating because I have worked so darn hard. Water, weights. cardio, eating right. Everything thing right.

So, anyways...I went out for a run today. In the rain and winds.  Made me feel better anyways. I exercised every day this week. I will keep my head up proud. 

7.36 km
Avg pace 6:03
Best pace 5:09
Calories burned 582

Big run tomorrow again...29 to go get my nutritionals today.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Today, my weight was up again. I hate that. I ate well yesterday, but I think I ate too late. 

Today I took another "Jazz to the Max" class. It was good. On Sunday, I am running another 29 km.

Life is good. Tomorrow, I hope to run for 6 km or so. Sunday, is also my third weigh in. And oh yes, I need to register for my race!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Almost Friday

Today is Thursday. It has been a good day. This morning I saw 149.8 which felt great. I have been working out hard, eating right. Drinking my water. Doing it all. IT seems I will barely lose a pound this weigh in.

Oh well. I feel great. 

Today was good eating, and I went to Jazzercise tonight for one hour. Tomorrow night I take a Jazz to the Max class again.  I loved the class that I took on Saturday.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday - 8.75 hills

Today, I am STILL hanging at 151 pounds. GGRRRHHH. I have put every effort into my weightloss. It sucks. I just hope I see a loss on Sunday! 

Tonight was 8 hills (officially) and I did .75  extra to support some members of our clinic finishing up their 8th. I just love our group of marathoners. So supportive.

15.05 km
Avg pace 6:28
Best pace 4:20
Calories 1067

Good day! Tomorrow is Jazzercise.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday - A run in the evening sun! Yay!

I am still bloated, and I am on day three of my cycle. I guess I am retaining water, even by eating a lot of fruit, and drinking water etc. What can  I do?! Just work my hardest to get the balance of the weight off.

I just want to see the scale dip below the 150 this week! That is all I really want.

Today I ate extra calories (all good cals) but around 1800 calories. I also ran tonight. So, I tried to eat more, so that I could run better!

I think it worked for me:

6.88 km run
Avg pace 5:26 
Best pace 3:46
Calories burned: 534

My legs felt great, and I felt strong. It was great! 

Tomorrow we run 8 hills! Two more weeks of hill training after this one! 10 is our max!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Day after...

Splurge night last night. It was nachos. As many as I wanted. Some oreos...4 and decaf coffee.

Today, back on track. I want to be under 150 on Sunday. I WILL be under 150 on Sunday.

Food was good. Too boring to type. Recording in daily still.

I took a 1 hour cardio core class tonight. It was lame, and I missed my Jazzercise class tonight...Thursday!

Day of cycle, and WAY lighter. This is my third cycle now.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Have you seen this?

This site grosses me out!

This is why you are fat!! No kidding!

Weigh In Two - Forgot to 'Spring Ahead'

It hasn't been the best morning. I woke up, got down to the Running Room. Mentally prepared, and physically prepared to run my 29 kms with my marathon group. And my worst fear came true, we forgot to Spring Forward! So, my group was most likely at the 10 km marker already. I didn't want to just 'join in' at that point. So, I walked out, cried, got angry. Cried some more. Locked myself in the bathroom. I also have my period today, and the first day is EXTREMELY heavy. So that didn't help. So, what did I do. I ate my sport beans, grabbed the ipod and went. I ran out the door and ran 15 km one way, and 15 km back. And a bit more.

I ran 31.01 km
Time: 3:17
Avg pace: 6:21
Best pace: 4:41
Calories burned: 2408

I ran up and down, up and down. A really good training run. And I learned something about myself. When push comes to shove, I can go the distance and beyond. I know when May 3rd comes around, and marathon day is here I will make my goal.

I am tired, I am sore but I did it on my own. I can push myself and I guess I don't NEED to rely on a group to get me through, but it is WAY nicer to have my group. I love my group.

I came home, showered. I got dressed. I ate some craisins, walnuts and almonds. I then went through the Timmy drive through and had an everything bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese, and a decaf half coffee/half hot chocolate to warm my soul.

Lately I have been contemplating the ultra marathons which are I believe 50 or 100 kms. I think that I could do something like this. I really like to push myself to the max!

Today, is my spurge day, and it was also a weigh in morning:

Weight: 150.2
Lost: 1.8 pounds
Goal weight: 129 pounds (21.2 to go)
I think my period is making me retain water, so better weight loss to me next Sunday!