Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday - A run in the evening sun! Yay!

I am still bloated, and I am on day three of my cycle. I guess I am retaining water, even by eating a lot of fruit, and drinking water etc. What can  I do?! Just work my hardest to get the balance of the weight off.

I just want to see the scale dip below the 150 this week! That is all I really want.

Today I ate extra calories (all good cals) but around 1800 calories. I also ran tonight. So, I tried to eat more, so that I could run better!

I think it worked for me:

6.88 km run
Avg pace 5:26 
Best pace 3:46
Calories burned: 534

My legs felt great, and I felt strong. It was great! 

Tomorrow we run 8 hills! Two more weeks of hill training after this one! 10 is our max!!

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