Saturday, March 7, 2009

My 29 km Run

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Another Saturday, next day weigh in 2.

Here it is, almost another week passed. I cannot get below the 'magic' 150 mark. I have been hovering around 150 ish. 150.0 150.2 and so on. Mentally I just want to see 149! Then seeing 144 or 143 will be the lowest I have been in about 20 years. I mentally need to get there. That is my goal this week.

This morning I am trying a new class. Jazz 'To the Max' it is 45 minutes of cardio then strength and repeat for 45 minutes. Hoping this, and tomorrow my run will be 29 km. So, about three hours of running. Making progress. I know I am losing, that is all that matters. I REALLY want to run my marathon at 129 pounds so I can make my time goal of under 4 hours. Even if it is ONE minute under four. That is my secret wish. I know I can do it!

I am starting to live life without fear. Fear of what my family and friends think. Living the life I was meant to live. This week has been life changing for me.

Yesterday, Dr. Leif worked his magic on my left knee, hamstring and VERY tight IT band. He said I am doing awesome. 

Anyways, I am going to be late for class! Got to go!

Got back from class and wow! What a great work out!!

LOVED that!

45 minutes or more of intense weight/cardio over and over and over! Cannot wait until Friday's class.

Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Friday!

Yesterday was so busy, that I didn't eat enough. And I exercised. My body strikes back, and holds onto weight. So, today I have been putting the food in, and I am not going to exercise tonight. I am taking a day of rest.

This morning, my pill, my vitamins and then I had my Kashi Go Lean, skim milk and half a banana in there. Yummy breakfast, no morning snack, and then a yummy Lean Cuisine panini. I love those things! Yummy and portion controlled.

I have had six glasses of water. And, a walk back and forth to school. 

Tonight, I am off to see Dr. Leif FINALLY! I need him to work on my legs, and talk about my ALMOST non issue leg! I am so thankful for that because on Sunday we run 29 km. My longest run EVER! 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Almost time for a spurge, not.

Today is Wedesday, and hill training is tonight.

7 hills tonight, last night my knee was feeling pretty good, same with today! That means my hill training should feel pretty awesome tonight. Especially because I feel a whole lot lighter. Scale weight was lower...almost under the 150's. I could fit my size 5 jeans today which was great. 

I am not bloated today. Just tired. My cycle is going to start up soon, and that exhausts me.

Well I met Cliff with the little gals for lunch in the van @Starbucks. I had Thai tuna wrap, 1 grande non fat no whip mocha, and half a biscotti.

Then I did my hill training tonight which were my 7 hills:
12.85 km
Avg 6:31
Best 4:13
Calories 972

My knee felt pretty darn good, and I felt mentally on top of my game! The hills were not the biggest trouble, but the last hill I was really feeling it. Next week 8 hills!

After run meal: The Jared diet LOL.

6 inch whole wheat turkey with honey mustard lots of veg, and half a bag of baked lays. And of course, half a cup of frozen vanilla yogurt and 1 tablespoon of dark chips.

A great day! I think I will see the scale dip under 150 if all goes well! Woot! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Most exciting day!

I had the opportunity to go onto Urban Rush and chat all about my boudoir photography! It was very exciting.

As for eats...well...

Morning: Kashi, skim milk, half banana, my pills and vitamins

Snack: Grande non fat, no whip mocha with a low fat chocochip banana reduced fat loaf from Starbucks

Water, and more water. I was bloated from last nights turkey burger (salty and ate late) and those reduced fat crisps. So satisfying, but salty...

I grabbed a biscotti on the way out of the studio (best choice that was in the green room) and then we went to Starbucks and I had a Vivanno. Yummy (to prepare for my run tonight!)


6.82 km run
37:34 time
Avg pace 5:30 
Best pace: 4:33
Calories: 530 - felt great, even my knee for so little water and nutrition today.

Dinner @ 9 pm: 6" chicken sandwhich on wheat with half bag of baked lays, half cup of frozen yogurt and half tbsp of choco chips.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tracking Banana Peels

Every run (the long slow distance runs) I have been counting banana peels on the road. Today, I counted FIVE!

Weigh In - Day Seven

Starting Weight: 164.4
Current Weight: 152 pounds (down 12.4 pounds)
Goal Weight: 129 pounds (23 pounds to go)
Nine more weigh ins to go.

20 km run today:
20.23 km
Avg 6:05 
Best 4:29
Calories 1551

Good run, knee felt pretty good. Until the end, but it wasn't as bad as the hills.