Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Almost time for a spurge, not.

Today is Wedesday, and hill training is tonight.

7 hills tonight, last night my knee was feeling pretty good, same with today! That means my hill training should feel pretty awesome tonight. Especially because I feel a whole lot lighter. Scale weight was lower...almost under the 150's. I could fit my size 5 jeans today which was great. 

I am not bloated today. Just tired. My cycle is going to start up soon, and that exhausts me.

Well I met Cliff with the little gals for lunch in the van @Starbucks. I had Thai tuna wrap, 1 grande non fat no whip mocha, and half a biscotti.

Then I did my hill training tonight which were my 7 hills:
12.85 km
Avg 6:31
Best 4:13
Calories 972

My knee felt pretty darn good, and I felt mentally on top of my game! The hills were not the biggest trouble, but the last hill I was really feeling it. Next week 8 hills!

After run meal: The Jared diet LOL.

6 inch whole wheat turkey with honey mustard lots of veg, and half a bag of baked lays. And of course, half a cup of frozen vanilla yogurt and 1 tablespoon of dark chips.

A great day! I think I will see the scale dip under 150 if all goes well! Woot! 

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