Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another Saturday, next day weigh in 2.

Here it is, almost another week passed. I cannot get below the 'magic' 150 mark. I have been hovering around 150 ish. 150.0 150.2 and so on. Mentally I just want to see 149! Then seeing 144 or 143 will be the lowest I have been in about 20 years. I mentally need to get there. That is my goal this week.

This morning I am trying a new class. Jazz 'To the Max' it is 45 minutes of cardio then strength and repeat for 45 minutes. Hoping this, and tomorrow my run will be 29 km. So, about three hours of running. Making progress. I know I am losing, that is all that matters. I REALLY want to run my marathon at 129 pounds so I can make my time goal of under 4 hours. Even if it is ONE minute under four. That is my secret wish. I know I can do it!

I am starting to live life without fear. Fear of what my family and friends think. Living the life I was meant to live. This week has been life changing for me.

Yesterday, Dr. Leif worked his magic on my left knee, hamstring and VERY tight IT band. He said I am doing awesome. 

Anyways, I am going to be late for class! Got to go!

Got back from class and wow! What a great work out!!

LOVED that!

45 minutes or more of intense weight/cardio over and over and over! Cannot wait until Friday's class.

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