Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Friday!

Yesterday was so busy, that I didn't eat enough. And I exercised. My body strikes back, and holds onto weight. So, today I have been putting the food in, and I am not going to exercise tonight. I am taking a day of rest.

This morning, my pill, my vitamins and then I had my Kashi Go Lean, skim milk and half a banana in there. Yummy breakfast, no morning snack, and then a yummy Lean Cuisine panini. I love those things! Yummy and portion controlled.

I have had six glasses of water. And, a walk back and forth to school. 

Tonight, I am off to see Dr. Leif FINALLY! I need him to work on my legs, and talk about my ALMOST non issue leg! I am so thankful for that because on Sunday we run 29 km. My longest run EVER! 

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