Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Most exciting day!

I had the opportunity to go onto Urban Rush and chat all about my boudoir photography! It was very exciting.

As for eats...well...

Morning: Kashi, skim milk, half banana, my pills and vitamins

Snack: Grande non fat, no whip mocha with a low fat chocochip banana reduced fat loaf from Starbucks

Water, and more water. I was bloated from last nights turkey burger (salty and ate late) and those reduced fat crisps. So satisfying, but salty...

I grabbed a biscotti on the way out of the studio (best choice that was in the green room) and then we went to Starbucks and I had a Vivanno. Yummy (to prepare for my run tonight!)


6.82 km run
37:34 time
Avg pace 5:30 
Best pace: 4:33
Calories: 530 - felt great, even my knee for so little water and nutrition today.

Dinner @ 9 pm: 6" chicken sandwhich on wheat with half bag of baked lays, half cup of frozen yogurt and half tbsp of choco chips.

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