Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chilly Chase 2010 - 5K race this morning

Here is me nearing the finishing chute. Not very attractive, and I felt very winded. But hey, I did it. I can see from these images where I have to take off the weight. I don't like how I look at ALL. However, I know I am working on this.

Thank you Nikki for taking my photos, and sharing them with me!

Pre race of course. Note, the top image, I stripped off the layer, and my hat. I got very warm quickly!

Well, I did it! So did a lot of my friends, and first time race runners! It is so exciting to watch first time racers finish a race! For many of our clinic participants in the LTR, this was their very first experience! I totally remember that very first time and how exciting is was!

This is my very first race this year of course, and my last race was actually the Chilly Chase 2009, when I ran the 15k. I find it amazing at how fast life can change in a year! Last year, in the shape of my life, this year coming off an injury, and then my stupid fall in the garage yesterday.

However, I am pleased that I managed to complete the 5k pain FREE!! This is a miracle in itself. It felt great to run! Fun to hang out with my friends. Nice to have Cliff and Courtney there to cheer me on!

Chilly Chase 2010 - 5k (not official, but from my trusty Garmin)
5.19k ( bit over)
avg 5:57
max 3:33
Calories 477

Thank you to Nikki and Susan for the wonderful LTR clinic! You both are the best!

Cathy xo

P.S. Christina! I am so sorry we never met up!!! I would have loved to have said hello!! How did you do?

Edited to add:
Placed 33/101 runners
Placed 9 in the 30-39 category!
27:40.8 (chipped time!)

#500in2010 I did 8.19k this week or, about 5 miles. So yuck from last week, but I needed to rest! It was the right choice.


  1. i mentioned this in my post today...i was lookin' for ya!! hoping that you'd be given the "okay" to run the 5k!! saw your results on the webiste and was so happy that you were able to run it...even if i totally missed you! but I was lookin'! way to go!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Christina!

    I so wished I could have seen you! I had no idea the results were up. Thanks for letting me know!!

    How did you do?? xo

  3. hey cathy - i did...not too shabby - 1:26 for 15k:) It felt great...that's all that mattered to me, to be able to finish AND enjoy the rest of my day:) Will you be doing anything at the Historic Half??
    Again...good job!

  4. Great Job Christina!

    No, will you?