Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tomorrow::Race Day

So, I went to my physio and I am OK. I can certainly run the 5k tomorrow. I feel so down because last year I could easily run 15k. So, it will be weird to ONLY run the 5, but atleast I am out there running right! That is the goal.

After a good chat with Dr. Leif I have decided to hold off any distances over 15K for the next two years. I am going to wait until all six of my kids are in full day school. I will be almost 41 in two years. Well, in my early 40's I will be in a new racing category (bonus!) and I will have the daytime to train and I will obviously get more sleep and have more energy. This is also important. It is just that I am so GOAL driven. So, I will strive to improve my 5, 10 and 15k times.

I will run half marathons and my first full in my 40's. I am good with that decision no more pressure. I would rather run, than be disappointed if I were to get injured again. So, I moved down from the half clinic, to the 10k gradual build (which goes up to 13k) PERFECT.

Today, I did something stupid...I fell down two garage steps and rolled on my foot/ankle. All is OK. I just need to ice.

So, that is that. I switched clinics, I am still working out to my strength DVD's 6x a week (Dr. approved this for me!) and my 10K training. Now, I wonder what my goal race is?


  1. Congrats. Your story is inspiring. Good choices with your Dr. That would be hard.
    I've got kids at home too. Like I said, inspiring.

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely comment!