Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 2 - Monday Weigh In

Well, all of that hard work paid off (and I even slipped in a piece of cake--very small slice) this week.

I am down eight pounds! And that leaves 39 pounds to go to goal of 145.

I worked hard, and MADE/FORCED my self to MOVE seven days this week. I will continue that trend this week as well.

I have my whole week planned out, and I am sitting here in my workout gear. When do I work out? During the day as soon as I get back from dropping off my my big kids to school. That leaves only two kids, and the house is pretty quiet. So, I fit it in where I can.

Usually I walk, but today is SOOOOO wet and dark that I will drive them.

I would LOVE to see my weight dip into the 170' s by next week. That is the plan!

Today, I will do my 48 minute RIU tape.

Happy Monday!


  1. Keep it up Cathy you are in the top 10. What up with your mom and dad beating you?!?! ha ha!

  2. wow! great job!!! :)

  3. Cathy - I think I commented on your family blog like 2 years ago...right after you had your last it Caroline?

    Anyhow - you had begun your weight loss journey and had made some good progress. It was very motivating to me to read your posts (I, in the last year, have lost 70 lbs!) But back then....that weight seemed like SUCH a daunting task. Too hard, too big, too TIRING to tackle while also being a Mommy and wife.

    But your blog and your openness really inspired me. I distinctly remember a post of you doing cartwheels in your front yard and your girls were so impressed you could rock a cartwheel. I was a great gymnast as a kid/teen and that very afternoon went out to the backyard an attempted a cartwheel. To my dismay - it was a total JOKE. I practically threw out my back and my arms buckled under my 200+ lbs. I vowed that day to kick my butt into gear and again, one day, rock a cartwheel. took me longer than I wanted to really get serious. But I DID IT! And at the end of last summer - when I was doing (several) cartwheels, back walkovers, and hangsprings in the grass with my girls I was seriously GIGGLING. Feeling so happy, so STRONG, and so proud of myself for sticking with it and losing the weight!

    Funny how now we've come full circle and a running challenge Laura and I started is motivating you, and it's how I found your blog again!! Thought this little story might encourage you this week. Keep up the good work! Someday...I'll road trip it to Canada and we can cartwheel together, OK?

    Happy Running!!
    ~Erin Burns

  4. Erin! Thank you so much for sharing this all with me! Life is so incredible. I am thinking you may have to teach me some other moves and I would LOVE to meet you one day (and of course Laura!!)


  5. Great work! I am so impressed by your candid blog. Keep it up.