Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day Seven - Day of Rest? Not.

Rest? Not really. I ran 8k this morning, and boy did I feel every extra pound jiggling and a blubbering. I felt SO beat down, but I completed it.

I wanted to quit, but I kept pushing. I survived. I hope today was just an 'off' kind of morning. I didn't eat before I ran (because we got home late after a dinner party) and so I felt a bit sick on my run. Hunger. Thirsty. Lead legs. I even had to take an extra walk break.

Yup. Fat and out of shape. Oooh how I don't love that feeling.

Last night was a great dinner out with friends. I skipped the appies, skipped any drinks. Drank lots of water. Ate a piece of homemade lasagna (made with low fat stuff) a half cup caesar salad (no bacon bits or parm) and I left the white sourdough with butter (my FAVE--I am the granddaughter of a baker) and I had a small sliver of homemade chocolate cake with a bit of icing. Delish. I kept drinking water. I didn't feel deprived. I was actually STUFFED! And, enjoyed beautiful company. Isn't that awesome!

We got to bed about 1, and this morning me alarm went off for my run. The whole house was asleep. It was hard to get up and out. So, I didn't get a whole lot of sleep. That is another problem. Lack of sleep for me.

So, that is my day so far! Today we are off to a celebrate a baptism of a sweet little boy Evan. My cousin's second son. So, more food issues to deal with. But hey, food is a fact of life right. Have to find the right balance.


avg 6:56
max 5:12
Calories burned 715! Good score.

As for #500in2010 this weeks total: 27.28k converted to miles: 16.9510 mi (can I round up to 17 here Laura?)


  1. HA! Yes you can round up! You KNOW you walked at least 0.5 miles just chasing kids around the house.

    I am up 10 lbs over the year myself from comfort eating after all my skin crap. I find Jan & Feb easy to work out bc not much else is going on.

  2. Thank you Laura :D

    I hear you on the comfort eating! I know you are going to take care of those 10! You are strong! You are awesome! Thank you for creating this challenge!