Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week 2 - Wednesday

Yesterday, I did my workout. I walked 2 k, and the day before (yesterday) 1 k. I sat down, and when I got up my knee (THE knee) that knocked me out of exercise for 7 months hurt. So, needless to say I felt angry. I iced my knee and I rested it.

I also made an appointment with my physio. See him on Sat.

Today it feels normal. So?! I am not sure now.

I wanted to run last night, and was sad that I could not run. Oh, and my period is on its way today. Grrhhh. After having six kids, the cycle I get is not fun. Well, it never was but it is nasty now. :D

So, all in all I hope today is a good day. I will MAKE it a good day. I am going to try my DVD this morning and of course I am supposed to run for the next three evenings. And, my 5k race is on Sunday. So *fingers crossed*

If my knee continues to hurt, I will drop back in clinics, or maybe stop running again. Not worth it. I am thinking boxing might be what I do next. If my plan does not work...


  1. Cathy - not too sure if you remember me, but I've been following your journey:) Just wondering about your 5k - are you doing the CHilly Chase???? If so, I am too!! Would be so awesome to see you there:)

  2. I remember you! Of course I do! How are you doing Christina?! Yes, I am supposed to be running it. I am not sure if my knee is going to cooperate however. I would LOVE to meet up with you and say hi!!

  3. well then, miss's to your knee feeling 100% so that you can start your new year, new regime, and new you on the right path!! And hope we can find each other in that mass of spandex and gatorade!

  4. Christina! We HAVE to meet up! Where?? I will be there early for sure!