Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Night

Well, it is Friday already! This week was slow, yet fast.

I am feeling my sides, and muscles in places I didn't think I had muscles. I did my second day of the BIU- SIS DVD. Oh wow. I feel myself getting stronger. That feels GOOD! That DVD was 1 hour.

Eating was good too. Last night we went to White Spot. I ordered the garden burger, easy on the ranch. And sweet potato fries. I had half of the burger, and about 10 fries in the dip (very light) and I was stuffed. I packed it up, and Cliff had my leftovers for lunch today.

I have been taking my vitamins, drinking all of my water. I can tell my stomach is shrinking. I like it!

Tonight, I met some of my old group that is now in the 5K group. We ran together and it was nice. Perfect night for a run!

478 calories burned

(Big calorie burn day today, double that I would think)

Anyways. That is my day.

#500in2010 I walked 2K today (FINALLY no sickies!!) and then my 5.48K + 7.48K or 5 miles.

A good day!


  1. You must have been running circles around me out there tonight...I only logged 4.72 km!

  2. Great job on the eating! I find that drinking enough water naturally leaves less room for me to eat too much food. Just like you it sounds like! I wish I could run outside with friends. Glad it's working well for you today.

  3. Nikki, maybe because Nikki (leader Nikki) and I looped back quite a bit?! Good job Nikki!

    JBS - Thank you!