Thursday, January 21, 2010

And I'm feeling good!

Side view in my size 12's and size large top.

And a front view.

OK, you know those jeans that just don't fit right. But they did say 10 pounds ago. Since having all of these kids, and they have stretched my stomach/hip area out quite well. So, I have a lot of loose skin to shove into my pants. It is not pretty. (Saving for a tummy tuck too, after my veins are done in my legs this winter)

Well, my other two pairs of jeans are in the wash (I have been living in workout gear lately!) So, I grabbed my size 12's light blue denim of the hanger. And, I held them up to my body and thought, these are going to fit again. And voila. They are on. And they are comfortable again. And, I am wearing a purple shirt that was feeling too tight (size large) and it fits SO much better. Wow. Change. Feels. GOOD.

I know I am not a supermodel, but today I feel like one! I am so pleased that my hard work is starting to take effect. I looked through my closet after my shower and looked at my jeans. Most of them are size eights, there are a pair of size six, and a size five. I know that in the spring these are all going to fit. And I cannot wait for that! I am so excited. Like I have said before, nothing tastes as good as thin feels. These little moments make the hard work feel like I am reaching a goal again. It feels good!

I also tried on my small pink hoodie, and I can actually zip it up. 10 weeks ago, I could hardly put it on! It of course looks like I am stuffed into a sausage casing today LOL. So, not wearable, but hey it is step in the right direction! My running jacket too. I tried it on this morning and I can now zip it, and it can fit on my hips/stomach but of course, sausage casing! I am *this* close to being able to wear my size M running shirt. Oh how I have missed you running shirts!! I have my eye on some running gear that is for sure. I will reward myself with a new spring/summer running gear.

I cannot wait! Now that my period is almost over for this week, I think I will see that reflected on the scale on my Monday weigh in. Woot!

This morning I did an hour DVD called BURN IT UP. OMG. It was tough, and I was sweating like crazy! I am sore right now. However, I did it and I LOVED it. Less than three weeks to go!

Tomorrow I will try to fit a run into my schedule.

P.S. The pink hoodie I am talking about, is the one in the blog post below. OH how I love it, and miss wearing it!


  1. Woohooo, lookin good! I love that color purple.

  2. good for you cathy...I STILL don't fit my FAT pants!!!! sooo frustrating. I'm really hoping this livestrong calorie counting this will work

  3. Have you thought about just getting rid of the clothes as you shrink out of know 'bye bye' forever...I bet it would feel good!....That is what I dream of doing when I lose my 'extra' poundage :)

  4. Hey Cathy - didn't realize you had this blog too! Good for you! Don't forget to update your Plan...aren't you in the HM clinic? :o)

  5. Alyson: Thanks. You will! You can do it. I have SEEN you do it. xo

    Anonymous: Yes, I did that last time and it felt great! However, when I was injured I gained weight, and had to buy new clothes. I will get rid of these again. FINALLY!

    Nikki: Hey! Yes, I have too many blogs LOL. I did update it. Last week I decided to drop into the 10K clinic. After the long run of 8K two weeks ago. I was exhausted, and on the Tuesday my knee started to hurt. So, I decided, 5, 10, 15K for the next two years. Until all the kids are in school. No pressure this way.