Saturday, November 14, 2009

The morning after...

I feel a bit sore, but I think this sore feeling is that good sore feeling! Like I actually did something good for my body. I cannot wait to run tomorrow morning!

I also wanted to say that even though I just ran 7 sets of run 1 and walk 2 minutes. It is amazing the effect it has on my mental feelings! I know I am not any more thin, or that I weigh less than I did yesterday. I just find the way I look and feel about my body is HUGE improvement! I actually feel better when I look in the mirror. And, as I walk around. That is the power of running, and the mind. Amazing!

I feel like I am walking taller, and stronger. That is exciting! I haven't felt like that for MONTHS, and MONTHS!

P.S. I ate healthy all day yesterday, but I ate chocolate and cookies with coffee last night. I shouldn't have had that stuff, but I did. I will up my calories to 1500 daily.

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