Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday - Another run in the rain

Well! The Olympic Opening Ceremony is on right now, I was really enjoying it, however got my run gear on and met a favourite group and went for a 5k run in the rain and the wind!

I am glad I went! Tomorrow, no running. I have an important shoot tomorrow, and a lot of other errands to do tomorrow.

So, the details of tonights run:

435 cals
avg 6:30
max 5:08

+ 1k walk today to school and back.

#500in2010 - 6k = 4 miles

I am bloated and I am getting some spotting so my cycle is gearing up. I will probably not lose a pound this week, but that is OK. It will come down after the bloat goes away like last time.

1 comment:

  1. Good run. In the rain.

    I'm not going to lose any either I don't think. I'm okay about it. I did well, and this is just how my body works. Lose 10 pounds then my body adjusts for a month. Then I lose another 10.

    I hope your cycle is kind to you. I'm figuring your time out. WOW!