Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday - Run Night x 2

Hello Tuesday!

This #500in2010 is making me work a lot harder. I am motivated to move into the top ten again. I was there once I think, maybe 2 x's until I fell, and then fell again. And of course had that puke bug. So, I have had some obstacles to move around, and of course didn't get the k's/miles that I wanted. And, of course to see my parent units way up there in second place, makes the competitor in me come out. Yes, I like to compete. Mostly against myself. So, today I decide to RAMP up my GAME. I am not going to put my whole plan on here (because of spying eyes i.e. my parents LOL) so I actually sat down and devised a plan.

That is all I am going to say tonight. Physically I am feeling very strong. I am losing that dreaded extra weight and my runs have been going great. And, I am walking back and forth to school quite often. It all adds up. This I know.

So, there I go. A plan.

*fingers crossed*

So, my exercise for today:

2 km walk back and forth to school

Run Club:
6.25 km
543 calories
avg 6:46
max 5:07

Extra run with husband chasing me on his bike (after I got home from run club) LOL
5.35 km
480 calories
avg 6:50
max 5:08

(and a good calorie burn today of over 1000! Woot. That helps offset the big old portion of splurge nachos yesterday!)

SO, my KM total for today is: 13.6 km or converted to miles: 8.5 miles #500in2010

Tomorrow we do our hill training, 4 hills and there are four weeks left until our goal race.

A few weeks to my boudoir session.


  1. I am glad to hear the challenge is motivating you! I took a week off and hated seeing my total miles drop so low but I'm glad I took the week off.

  2. It totally is Laura! Yes, sometimes a break is necessary! But then you can regroup, and get back out there stronger :D

  3. That's awesome getting two runs in in a day. WOW!

    Keep up the gerat work!

  4. Thanks Heidi! I came back, and then went right back out!