Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well, I got out for a 6k ish run tonight in the rain. By myself. Needed the stress relief today. Was ready to port the kids away to another land. LOL.

A run always helps with that! So, I am back, and I am feeling relaxed and ready for the evening! Survivor starts tonight! Woo!

I wouldn't have gone for a run tonight in the pouring rain and cold evening. However, this challenge *500 in 2010* is making me kick it into overdrive! Tomorrow I will run with my old group! I always like running with my old buds!

6.14k run
43:49 (time)
554 calories
7:09k avg
5:21 max
(Obviously I run slower without anybody to push me LOL)

Well, that is good!

#500in2010 - 6:4k = 4 miles

1 comment:

  1. Give me that port address. For future reference. ;)

    Good run. I can't tell what your time is anyway. I'm impressed without knowledge!

    500 in 2010 has me going crazy too.