Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday - 4 hills

Tonight we did four hills in the rain.

We run there, run our four hills, and then run back. I was tired on my fourth hill. Just like last week, I was tired on my third hill. Two more weeks of hill training! We go up to six hills for the 10K clinic.

I am feeling bloated, I guess my cycle is trying to make its way again. Yuck.

Oh well! I am just glad I can run again!

Tonights Run/Hill training:

6.82k (and actually may have been more, I think I may have not recorded a hill or two)
601 calories
avg 7 km (some walking in there, so a bit slower which is good for hill night)
max was 3:24 km

All good!

1k walk today to school and back + 6.82k + 7.82k = 5 miles #500in2010

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