Sunday, February 7, 2010

10k Sunday!

So, I managed to run for 10K pain free. That my friend, is progress. I couldn't be any happier. And to run with two amazing women, extra bonus! Thank you Louise and Kristina! It was great to run into the double digit kms today! I fee great! Thank goodness.

I feel I am getting back into shape (muscle memory!) and my body is changing again. I couldn't be happier. My size 12's are getting baggy. I am having my own boudoir session shot at the end of February, so good timing :D

So, for todays 10k. I LOVED the particular route! I haven't done it for quite some time! Nice.

893 calories burned (added some back with a Starbucks Vivanno mmmm)
avg 6:26
max 5:14
Ran nice and steady, and slower of course for LSD. Awesome

For #500in2010 - Sunday Run: 6.25 miles

And for for #500in2010 this weeks total in miles is: 20.75 miles

This was a great week for me finally! Yay! Tomorrow I am back for a weigh in!


  1. Great job this week! So jealous of your miles and your time! Thanks for giving me something to work towards.

  2. Oh thank you so much!! You can do it too!! xo

  3. Thank you Laura! I am so HAPPY!!

  4. Great job Cathy! That's awesome! So who's shooting your boudoir session?!

  5. Thanks Nikki! My session will be shot by "The Beautiful Woman Project" in Chilliwack. They are two friends of mine. I will be shooting theirs too.