Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday! Playing catch up!

Wow. I haven't been a very good blogger this week! I have been a busy bee thus no time to blog!

Friday, two days ago. Walked two and from school 2x's = 2 km

Saturday an adventure out with the family, and a walk around a lagoon. And then some = 1.5 km

Friday and Saturday km = 3.5 km

Sunday, today. I have been very active.

19.16 km run this morning, and I was out shooting an engagement session and we walked round for 2 hours. On the beach, on the sand. Up some stairs, along train tracks. 5 km of walking, so my total k's for Sunday is 24.16 km (19.6 + 5 km)

19.16 km run this morning
avg 6.19 km
max 4:56 km
calories 1464

Km total for Friday, Sat and Sunday = 27.66 km

#500in2010 Friday, Sat and Sunday converted to miles = 17.18 miles

Weekly total in mil
es this week #500in2010 = 27.38 miles total

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