Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day Two - Ramp it Up!

Just press play.

I did that today. I did RIU today, it was almost an hour, and boy am I feeling every muscle in my body! I also walked to school with the kids #500in2010 started! I am running Wed, Thurs, Friday and Sunday. I LOVE this feeling of activity. After being so down, and inactive this feels WONDERFUL. I feel like the old me, and full of energy.

Yesterday was difficult not to eat at night. It has been such a habit and a reward to me. So, I felt a little angry. But, I got over it. Today, I feel great and I feel myself getting healthier. I visualize myself in my size sixes again. How awesome that felt. That night eating is no good, and it has to go. Once in awhile this is OK, but for the most part, NO.

I will lose the weight, and I will keep it off. No more of this losing stuff again. It will be all about maintaining!

Edited to add:

1 km walk #500in2010

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